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The Complete Story Of Why You Want To Rent Your Onsite Fitness Center.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company was created to serve the Business operator who must provide a professional onsite fitness center to service their own clients, but these businesses are not from the GYM Industry.

We serve the Hotel Industry, the Condo Association HOA's, Multifamily apartments, Corporate Fitness & wellness, Government agencies, Senior Centers & Medical rehabilitation facilities.

Our clients must provide an 
onsite fitness center to their own clients, 
but are not from the Gym Industry.

Our clients do not want to be in the Fitness Center business, but now they have to.  In order to serve their clients and employees.   Our clients are very skilled and educated in many areas.  But designing, maintaining, and purchasing the health Club quality fitness equipment needed, is not one of their best skill sets.

Do NOT Waste Your Time And Money Setting Up Your Onsite Fitness Center.

It simply works like this:  You start a conversation with our rental representative to design the most appropriate onsite fitness center for your Company.

The month-to-month rental contract starts by simply committing to the first month rental payment and then our Rent Gym Equipment team kicks into gear.  We deliver the health club quality fitness equipment to your property and do a professional installation and set up!

We invest the first 12 to 15 months in your onsite fitness 
center before we ever hope to make a dollar in profits.

We send in our experienced fitness equipment technicians to do the regular fitness equipment  maintenance.

If a fitness machine breaks-down you call our corporate office and we send in our fitness technician to make the repairs quickly.  Your rental contract says we will have the fitness machine repaired within 7 business days or less.

These regular maintenance and repair calls never cost your company one extra dollar.  We handle all the fitness equipment problems and you only pay the monthly rental payment.

Our  RentFit company philosophy is to make it very easy for you to get started 
and then we have to prove ourselves month after month to keep you happy.

Let The Rent Fitness Equipment Company pay your start up costs.  

Let us do all your regular fitness equipment maintenance on our dime.  

Let us pay for repairs needed from broken fitness machines.

Your needs are served FIRST, and only if you are satisfied, then we start to make a little profit each month.  But if we don’t serve you year after year then we lose big and you do not lose anything.  All the RISK is placed on us and not you. . .

We have put ourselves in a position to be FIRED every month 
if we do not prove ourselves month after month.

We know we will prove our value to you over the years, but the hardest part is getting you to get started.  Once we have made our investment in your onsite fitness center we know we will prove ourselves because we do not want to lose your business.  If we fail, then we lose thousands of dollars and you lose nothing.

Do you hear what I’m saying? 

You can’t lose.

I know this seems too good to be true, BUT what do you have to worry about?   If we are not telling a truthful story then we lose money and not you.   If you cancel your monthly rental it does not cost you anything to have our fitness equipment removed from your property.

Then, lets look at the best part for your business. 

This is an off-balance-sheet-transaction.  None of your credit line is used and this is not a LEASE.  This monthly financial obligation does not even show up on your books when you are looking at other capital purchases for your business.

Now we have heard all the objections as we sit in on the corporate meetings debating this monthly rental program. Like this one; 

“Why do we want to rent because we want
to own the asset once it’s paid off”

What asset?   After you pay off your capital purchase in 3 years what is your fitness equipment asset worth?  How about 95% less than you paid for it.

Fitness equipment is a quickly depreciating asset.
It never appreciates as an asset!

And you have to pay all the maintenance and repair costs that are an unpredictable expense & very time consuming for your staff to organize and oversee.  


We know that even though you got a full warranty when you purchased your fitness equipment.     How long does it take your vendor to come in and fix a broken machine?  

And most frustrating is when that vendor says your warranty is void because you have not completed the regular maintenance on your fitness machines.

We have seen it all.   

Remember our company came into existence because your Industry was not being served properly.  

End of story.

We know how to serve your Business.  Let us prove ourselves to you with all the risk being ours.  

You have nothing to lose by teaming up with The Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

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