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How We Serve Your Business.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company was built to serve one type of client that was in desperate need of help.

We serve Business's who have to provide a professional onsite fitness center to THEIR customers, but these business's are not in the GYM BUSINESS!

We serve the Hotel owner / manager who must have an on-site fitness center inside their property in order to serve their Hotel guests better.  The Hotel owner / manager does not want to be in the fitness business.  The Hotel manager has many skills but designing, maintaining, and purchasing the Health Club quality gym equipment for their onsite fitness center is not one of them.

Get Out Of California.

We serve the Property management companies who operate Multi-Family / Apartment properties.  These management companies never intended to be in the fitness center business but now they must, in order to compete with the competition.  These management companies are very skilled in many areas but designing, maintaining, and purchasing the fitness center machines is not one of them.

We serve the Condo associations who manage condo HOA properties.  These HOA managers are required to provide an onsite fitness center that is paid for by monthly HOA dues.   These managers are very talented and educated but not in designing, maintaining, and purchasing the equipment for the on site fitness center.

We serve the Corporate fitness market who desires to be more competitive with healthy and fit employees.  These corporations are experts in their skill sets that take care of their own customers.  But they know nothing about designing, maintaining, and purchasing commercial quality fitness equipment to keep their employees fit, healthy and more productive.

The Rent Gym Equipment Company knows all the reasons why this niche market makes so many mistakes.  And wastes time and money in their pursuit of their onsite fitness center.

We remove your hard decisions, expensive risks, and all your huge upfront costs.  We take all the risks for you and are only successful if we make YOUR on-site fitness center successful.   We invest the first 15 months into your fitness center before we ever see a profit. 

This puts your needs first and ours second.  

Let The Rent Fitness Equipment Company pay your start up costs.  Let us do all your regular fitness equipment maintenance on our dime.  Let us pay for your repairs needed from broken fitness machines.