Health Club Quality Fitness Gym Equipment For Rent.

Your onsite fitness center deserves the best, and we deliver the goods.  Our rental clients are always pleased with the high quality gym equipment we rent.

(Watch short videos of the fitness equipment in our rental inventory)


TriBridge Residential Take Onsite Fitness Centers Seriously.

TriBridge Residential Corporation knows how to make their onsite fitness center amenity sign up more leases and keep residents for longer.  Apartment fitness center.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is excited about becoming "Preferred Vendors" for this very successful company who take their onsite fitness center amenity seriously.


Mark-Taylor Properties Are The Best Choice For Healthy LifeStyle Living.

The Mark-Taylor property management company understands how to build a healthy lifestyle apartment housing community. And nobody takes it more seriously than Mark-Taylor management.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is happy to be the preferred vendor for the Mark-Taylor company and taking care of their onsite fitness center needs.


Onsite Fitness Centers Do Not Have The Warranty They Think They Have.

There is a common problem with warranties for Hotel and Apartment managers that provide a fitness center on their property.

This is how the problem plays out.   The Hotel or Apartment manager purchases brand new gym equipment for their onsite fitness center.   This new equipment comes with a 3 year warranty that covers 3 years on the frames, 2 years for all electrical and mechanical parts, excluding wear items such as the running belt and deck on a treadmill.   Then one year of labor. 

Sounds fair, right?


How We Serve Your Business.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company was built to serve one type of client that was in desperate need of help.

We serve Business's who have to provide a professional onsite fitness center to THEIR customers, but these business's are not in the


The Best Western Premier Hotel with 151-200 Hotel rooms

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has the best onsite fitness center package to make your property compliant at Ballot 7.

Monthly rental will be $595.00 each month.  Your rental package includes maintenance and FREE repairs forever.  You pay only $19 dollars each day & only .79 cents each hour.  When your Hotel has 200 rooms you pay only .10 cents for every hotel room per day.