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Health Club Quality Fitness Gym Equipment For Rent.

Your onsite fitness center deserves the best, and we deliver the goods.  Our customers are always impressed with the high quality gym equipment we rent. Rent Gym Equipment.

We learned years ago that it is better for The Rent Fitness Equipment Company to only purchase the most heavy duty gym equipment upfront.  Because it saves us money over the years with less service calls and less repairs costs. But the most impressive benefit is your customers love working out in your onsite fitness center because it feels just like a professional Health Club.  

Because we can get fired by you every month we have to impress you and your customers every month or we lose big.

Health Club quality treadmills for rent:

Star Trac PRO model.
                                        (click this link to watch the short video) 

Precor 966i model.   
                                         (click this link to watch the short video)

Star Trac 4500HR.     
                                         (click this link to watch the short video)

Health Club quality Elliptical Crosstrainers: 

Life Fitness elliptical crosstrainer.
                                                 (click this link to watch the short video)

Star Trac Elite elliptical crosstrainer.

Precor elliptical. (no cross trainer arms).

Health Club quality Exercise Bikes.

Life Fitness dove tail HRT recumbent bike.

Life Fitness HRT upright bike.

Star Trac PRO recumbent bike.

Star Trac PRO upright bike.

Health Club quality Multi Gyms

Dual Adjustable Pulley 2 stack multi exercise gym