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Apartment OnSite Fitness Centers are More Important to Residents During A Recession.

Again, this New Year 2012 No.1 resolution is to hit the gym.   And this year more people will be keeping their resolution by working out where they live at their Apartment onsite fitness center.

During this economic recession, many Americans have seen their financial health deteriorate but  their physical health has most likely improved. Many years of statistics show that death rates decline & healthy habits improve during tough economic times.  The research facts taken from the Universityof North Carolina shows that a 1% rise in the unemployment rate reduces American death rates by 0.5 percent.

In times of recession  chain smokers cut back, couch potatoes get off the couch and go to the fitness center, and more people cook and eat at home rather than go out to restaurants.  This results in Healthy lifestyle changes that add up to healthier Americans.

This is one reason multi-housing Apartment properties are busier than they’ve ever been.  Apartment leasing agents are taking a potential client resident to the on-site fitness center FIRST!   Before they show them the model Apartment unit.

Despite the economic slowdown, Apartment properties increase their investment in its onsite fitness centers.   The smart property managers go to The RentFitness Equipment Company to rent the best professional fitness equipment by the month with FREE maintenance and repairs FOREVER.  

“The icing on the cake is to pay a monthly rental fee and get a turn-key 
onsite fitness center with no unexpected costs while hassle free.”