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The Rent Fitness Equipment Company 10 Year History

Steve Paterson started the Rent Fitness Equipment Business November 7th, 2004 in Southern California.

Steve and Julie Paterson

The first Rent Fitness Equipment Company was started in 2004 by Steve Paterson in Southern California.

After 20 years of SELLING professional Gym equipment to Apartment properties, Condo Associations, Hotels, and Corporate Fitness onsite fitness centers.  He realized a need to help these industries provide a professional Gym inside their Business even though they were not in the Gym business.

Steve Paterson; "It was a shame walking into 100's of these onsite fitness centers and seeing all the mistakes they were making.   Not because they didn't care, but because they had no idea of how to do it properly."

Steve Paterson completed his first business plan for starting a Rent Gym Equipment Company in 1997.  

The basic problem to solve was that these business operators were experts at their trade.
But, not one of these managers had any experience in designing, purchasing the proper fitness equipment, or maintaining the fitness equipment inside their Gym.  

Their is a huge difference in managing an Apartment complex or Hotel property and managing an on-site commercial fitness facility.

Steve Paterson came up with a business plan to best serve these business's and the RENTING strategy was clearly the best option to help these Companies provide a quality fitness center inside their business.  

Now his Company serves FORTUNE 500 Companies and is the National preferred vendor for the Best Western Hotel chain.  And is renting hundreds of thousands of dollars per Year in the USA.

Steve and Julie Paterson decided to move their family with 3 small children away from the Southern California Rat-Race in 2008.  They moved to the small town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and now run their National Rent Fitness Equipment business from the Inland Northwest region.  

Technology has been the key to raising a family and running a National business at the same time from the Inland Northwest.


We invite you to let our family business, serve your business, by providing 
the Rent Fitness Equipment option.  

Giving you a turn-key, lower cost, and more reliable on-site fitness center without interrupting your managers core business skills.

Once you choose the Rental Fitness Equipment option you will never go back to the purchase option.

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