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Is Renting Fitness Equipment Your Best Decision? Rent Fitness Equipment Most Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ,

Is Renting my fitness equipment the best decision for my business? Here are the most frequently asked questions, (FAQ), from people that are thinking about renting fitness equipment.

Will the fitness equipment I rent be the same brands and quality I see in professional Health Clubs?

YES!  We only rent the best Health Club Quality fitness equipment brands in the World.  Life Fitness, Star Trac, Precor, Stairmaster, Cybex, Matrix, TRUE, Technogym, Octane Fitness and a few others.  Your onsite fitness center amenity will feel like a professional Health Club to your users.

If my fitness equipment goes out-of-order what do I do to get it operating again?

Just call our office and we take care of it quickly.  We try to repair a broken machine in 7 business days or less. You NEVER get charged for any repairs, EVER. 

Are the machines I rent brand new?

Most of the machines we rent are not brand new because they have been rented before.  All the fitness machines we rent will work like new and look great.  You will not get any complaints about the quality of the fitness equipment we rent to you.  If you are unhappy, we lose because we have to pay to replace it for you.

How much of a security deposit do I have to put down?

We trust our clients and believe they will not abuse the rental fitness equipment.  We do not charge a security deposit or ask for last months payment in advance.  To get started you only pay the first months rental and the delivery-installation cost, (this delivery cost is returned to you 100% as credit towards your 8th month of rental).

How often will a service tech come into my on-site fitness center and do the preventive  maintenance?

We make sure we do our preventive maintenance as needed to prevent breakdowns.  This is most important to us because we have to pay for repairs.  If we don't service our fitness machines properly it gets very EXPENSIVE FOR US, not you.  Doing our preventive maintenance is the most important thing we do and the most expensive part of running our business.  

Why would I want to rent because I want to own the asset once it’s paid off?

What asset?   After you pay off your capital purchase in 3 years what is your fitness equipment asset worth?  How about 90% (or less) less than what you paid for it.

Fitness equipment is a quickly depreciating asset.
It never appreciates as an asset!

Then you have to pay all the maintenance and repair costs that are an unpredictable,(hidden), expense.  And very time consuming for your staff to organize and oversee.

And most properties get 'BURNED' by professional fitness equipment techs because the properties do not know what to expect and how much to pay.

Purchase what APPRECIATES in value, and Rent what DEPRECIATES in value.

Is there anything I might get billed for unexpectedly, other than the monthly rental cost? 

NO.  You are only responsible for theft of the rental fitness equipment.  You have to pay replacement value if the fitness equipment is stolen from your property.  If you have a tough client base that is very abusive to our fitness equipment then we will just cancel the monthly contract and remove our fitness equipment from your facility.  But this does not cost you a dime.

Do you have insurance to cover my people from injury while they are using the rental fitness equipment?

We require you to have the proper liability insurance to operate an onsite fitness center on your property.  No different than if you owned the fitness equipment.  We do have a secondary insurance policy and your company will be placed on our secondary policy.  All these insurance documents will be handled before the fitness equipment gets installed into your facility.

If I need to add another fitness machine, how do I do that?

Just let us know what you need.  We will bring it in at the start of your next month rental contract.  The new monthly rental invoice will reflect the extra monthly charge for this new fitness machine you needed.

What if I am renting a fitness machine that is not getting used?

Just give us a 30 days heads-up and we will haul it away and take it off your next monthly contract.  This really is a month to month rental and at the end of each month rental contract you can cancel any machine or the whole contract.  No hassle, no commitment longer than 30 days at a time.  We want you to rent for years which is why we work so hard to keep you happy.  If you find a better option then we lose, not you.  We have put ourselves in a position where you can fire us at any time.  So every month we know we have to perform for you or else we lose money, and not you.

If I decide to shut down my onsite fitness center for lack of use, what happens?

Just let us know when you want to close down and we come in and haul it all away and your monthly billing stops.  We never charge you money to have our rental fitness equipment picked up at the end of a monthly contract.  This is a winning program for your company all the way around.  No surprises hidden in the details.

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