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Onsite Fitness Centers Do Not Have The Warranty They Think They Have.

There is a common problem with warranties for Hotel and Apartment managers that provide a fitness center on their property.

This is how the problem plays out.   The Hotel or Apartment manager purchases brand new gym equipment for their onsite fitness center.   This new equipment comes with a 3 year warranty that covers 3 years on the frames, 2 years for all electrical and mechanical parts, excluding wear items such as the running belt and deck on a treadmill.   Then one year of labor. 

Sounds fair, right?

The problems hide in the fine details.   The labor included for one year is only to fix a machine that is broken.  This does not include the labor to perform regular maintenance on your gym equipment.

Your warranty will state that it is VOID if your property cannot prove that regular maintenance has been performed on your fitness equipment.   As with any commercial fitness center, this gym equipment must have maintenance to keep it from breaking down. 

If your treadmill running belts are not properly lubricated after so many hours of use then the running belt will wear out.   Once the belt wears down the extra friction will burn out your motor controller electronics.

When you call in your warranty claim and the service tech comes to your property to see what has happened, OOPS! 

This problem is not covered under warranty because it is clear you have not performed regular preventive maintenance.  So get out your check book.

The Rent Gym Equipment Company was created to serve your industry.  An industry that must have an onsite fitness center to please your customers, but you are not in the fitness business.  You are an expert in your industry, but managing a commercial fitness center is not one of your skills.

Make it easy on yourself and your check book.   Rent a turn-key onsite fitness center and do not waste anymore time or pay for any unexpected costs other than your monthly rental. 

When you can Rent by the month a professional onsite fitness center for .79 cents an hour and get regular maintenance and FREE repairs forever, it's an easy decision.  Turn your problems into our problems for .79 cents an hour.

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