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Rent This Hotel Fitness Center $597 Month to Month, FREE Maintenance & Repairs Forever.

Rent a Hotel onsite fitness center for only $597 per month that includes regular maintenance and Free repairs included.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is the preferred vendor for national hotel and property management corporations.   This turn-key program is easy to get started and even easier to cancel.

This is a true month to month rental with only a 30 day contract to sign.  This off-balance-sheet-transaction keeps the accountants happy and managers job easy in regards to the onsite fitness center amenity.

Rent this package.

2 x Star Trac Health Club quality treadmills that can be used 15 hours every day.

1 x Star Trac Health Club quality elliptical crosstrainer that can be used 15 hours every day.

1 x Star Trac Health Club quality upright exercise bike that can be used all day long.

1 x Dumbbell set (6 pairs) with an adjustable utility workout bench.

This is a perfect onsite hotel fitness center package for a property with from 50 to 100+ rooms.

It is amazing that a hotel manager can pay one month at a time for this professional package at only $19 dollars per day?   That is only .79cents per hour!   Then to realize this includes the maintenance and all repairs FOREVER.   

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