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The Best Hotel Fitness Center You Can Rent.

As a Hotel manager you know you have to provide a professional onsite fitness center for your Hotel guests.  So you call in a professional Hotel fitness equipment selling Company to discuss your needs to give you a buying proposal.

The Hotel Gym equipment proposal came in at $42,000.00.   This included the fitness equipment purchase price, the sales tax and the delivery and installation fees.  This purchase included a 2 year warranty which was one year of parts and labor and the second year was parts replacement only.  When reading the fine print of the proposal the warranty was void if you could not prove you provided regular preventive maintenance of each fitness machine in your Hotel fitness centers.   After getting quotes for a regular preventive maintenance contract your best price was $250.00 per month which came to $6,000.00 more dollars to cover the 2 year warranty provided with your $42,000.00 purchase.

Now you have to decide how you are going to pay this $48,000.00.   Will you finance it and use up a piece of your credit line?   Or will you use your capital and outright purchase this Hotel fitness-room?  Hotel managers Rent Gym Equipment.

At this point your brain is talking to you and wishing you did not need to put a Fitness center in your Hotel property.   After all you are a Hotel business, not a Gym business.

Now you are sitting at your desk looking at the fitness center expense and what is your best option. When your secretary brings you the days mail, look, what is this?   A post card from The Rent Fitness Equipment Company

" Rent Health Club Quality Fitness Equipment on a month-to-month contract with FREE maintenance and repairs FOREVER.  Rent the best professional gym equipment made in the World with only a 30 day rental contract to sign.  Rent a Hotel fitness center for $499 a month with maintenance and repairs included forever. "

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So you call the phone number on the post card and speak to a rental fitness representative.