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Best Western Standard Hotel with 201+ rooms.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has designed this fitness center package for your lowest cost compliance of Ballot 7.

Monthly cost is $671.00 a month.  This includes regular maintenance & repairs forever.  At only $22 dollars a day and only .91 cents per hour.  If your Hotel has 201 rooms your cost is only .11 cents per room per day.

All the Fitness equipment in your proposal are Health Club Quality and make you compliant with Ballot 7.  Rent Gym Equipment.

2 x Precor Health Club quality treadmills.
1 x Star Trac Health Club quality recumbent exercise bike.
1 x Star Trac Health Club quality upright exercise bike.
1 x Stairmaster Health Club quality stepper machine.
1 x Dumbbell set 5lbs - 50lbs (10 pairs) on the rack.
2 x Adjustable utility workout bench flat to 90 degrees.
1 x Flat utility workout bench.
                                                             Precor C956 Treadmill

                                                     Star Trac Recumbent Bike

                                                              Star Trac upright bike

                                                       Stairmaster 4400PT stepper machine