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The Pinnacle Family of Companies Have the Best Apartment Fitness Center.

Pinnacle property management company manages multi-housing, office and hotel properties.  Pinnacle is the largest multifamily company in the United States with a portfolio valued at over $22 billion. They Rent Gym Equipment.

Pinnacle is a professional management company that knows how to bring value to an apartment property.  And that is why they are our favorite onsite fitness center amenity provider.

The professional management team at Pinnacle properties know the value of having a high quality fitness center on the property to close more lease contracts and keep residents paying the monthly rentals for much longer time periods.  When a resident has a high quality gym on the property where they live it improves their Health and Lifestyle.


A national survey was completed and the Pinnacle properties came in as a winner for the happiest residents who valued an onsite fitness center.  The customer always knows best and they prefer to live in an apartment community that has a professional Health Club that encoureges a Health lifestyle.

So we give the Pinnacle apartment properties the Gold Medal for onsite fitness centers in a great apartment community.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is a valuable preferred vendor of the Pinnacle family of companies.

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